Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nationalization of Your Body

Remember the old saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Well, if that saying is true, it's time to plant an apple orchard out back.

No, check that.

In these desperate times, it may be time to plant an apple orchard, order an appletini for every meal, lather up with apple-scented body lotion, bake apple pies daily, gurgle with apple juice nightly, buy Apple products, and name your future son or daughter...you guessed it...Apple.

You know...just to be safe.

The United States health care system, the greatest in the entire world for decades, is currently under attack. The Left, led by Obama and his Statist cronies, is trying to slip one past the American public. And really, that's pretty easy. Just ask someone..anyone.

Reporter: "Do you want better health care for you and your family?"

Innocent Citizen: "Sure!"

Reporter: "Do you want to be taken care of?"

Innocent Citizen: "Of course I do!"

I also want to live on a lake, not worry about money, eat steak for every meal, cruise on my pontoon boat, never have to wake up and go to work, sip an ice-cold Mike's Hard Lemonade on my dock as the sun sets every evening, and then do it all over again the next day.

What is that you say? I can't have that? Well, I'm an American...I deserve a pontoon boat! It's in the Constitution right between slavery and a woman's right to vote. See...(hold on and let me elect judges that believe in this interpretation)...there it is.

The Statists goal is simple. Wrong, but simple. Yet, we let it happen. We let the Statist control every aspect of our lives because we believe in every entitlement under the sun. We think we're owed something. And then we have people like...oh, Barack Obama...who come along and tell us that those WANTS are OK to want. Needs are for poor Third World countries. Needs are for suckers.

Have you seen the health care reform ads on television? If we don't pass this bill...little Jimmy won't get chemotherapy. If we don't pass this bill...Grandma and Grandpa won't be able to purchase medicine. If this bill doesn't pass...Sally will give birth to her baby in a dark alley (we'll I made that up, but you get the picture). It's fear-mongering at its best. We are scared into thinking..."well, I must be the only one insured and everyone else is a poor, uninsured fool." The healthcare industry accounts for 20% of our economy. The government wants to control 1/5 of our economy. On top of Social Security. On top of Medicare. On top of Medicaid. On top of Education. On top of Taxation. On top of the automobile Industry. On top of the banking industry. On top of the housing industry...should I stop there?

The government option on health care is a horrible piece of legislation. It doesn't nationalize health care; it nationalizes you and I...the citizen.

Here is an article by Mark Steyn titled The Nationalization of Your Body. It's well worth the read and very informative.

Also, call your Senators and tell them NOT to support the government option for health care. Here are the numbers to my state's, Ohio, Senators or look up your own Representatives.

Sherrod Brown - 202-224-2315

George Voinovich - 202-224-3353

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