Tuesday, August 4, 2009

47 Million Lies

A government health care plan, if it is passed, will sink the American economy and drastically reduce the quality of life within our borders. It will lead to less competition, less access, less choice, poor quality care, and higher taxes; to name a few.

The average American needs to understand this: The United States government does NOT care about YOUR health. If the government did, a public option would not be on the table for debate.

Reform? Yes, the high costs of health care is hurting everyone's wallet. However, the governments plan to control the health care industry (almost 20 percent of our nation's economy) isn't for your benefit. By controlling health care, the government nationalizes you. Your body. Your medical choices. Your right to the "pursuit of happiness."

President Obama has a tough sell. He sold us on nothing more than centrist rhetoric when his views and policies were far from it. The American people are slowly starting to catch on to Obama's statist approach to governing. He may have fooled the masses before, but, hopefully, the American people have learned from one too many mistakes.

One that could be costly.

One that could leave us with no u-turn option.

As Obama and his statist cronies travel America trying to pitch health care, look at the figures and "facts" being discussed. Things do not add up.

First, it is important to remember that America currently has the best health care system in the entire world. People flock to this country for medical care, advice, and quality. The U.S. breeds competition; which has allowed for medical breakthroughs and innovations that have been exported around the world. Countries that have socialized, or nationalized, (ie Canada and many European countries) its health care industry are falling further and further behind.

The Statist is preaching that 47 million Americans are without health care. That number, in itself, is a cause for concern. However, that number is greatly misleading. Of those 47 million uninsured Americans, 18 million make over $50,000 a year and 10 million of those people make over $75,000 a year. These people are younger, in good health, and normally do not want to pay for the HIGH COSTS of health care.

What about the poor you ask? Well, about 14 million - poor and disadvantaged Americans - are already eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP, but those people don't care to enroll. What about the 8 million children Obama keeps mentioning that are uninsured? Again, for about 5 million of those children, his or her parent hasn't felt the need to enroll their son or daughter into a program that already exists. Don't forget about the 12 million illegal immigrants that are currently taking advantage of our "poor" health care system.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that under the proposed health care plan, 17 million people would still be uninsured.

Add it up.

47 million is actually around 8 million people. Give or take.

In a country of over 300 million people, would it be justifiable to campaign for a government-run health care plan because 8 million people are uninsured?

Not a chance.

Nowhere in the entire Constitution does it say that government is responsible for health care. Health care is a privilege, not an alienable right. It's a product of society. Nothing more.

And yes, people fall through the cracks. However, people fall through the cracks in every area possible. We need to start fixing the cracks instead of tearing up the cement. This is simple logic and something that the statist doesn't care to recognize.

This health care issue is hardly a problem of the system, it is a problem of regulations and insurance companies that have owned the industry for several decades.

Wake up America...take back your country!


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