Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alliance for the Future of Israel (AFFI)

The Alliance for the Future of Israel is a joint venture of Jewish and Christian believers who are striving to advance the fulfillment of God's prophetic Word regarding the return of His nation, Israel, to Zion; and the rebirth of the modern state Israel.

The Alliance was founded out of the need to ensure the existence of Israel, to promise the security of the Jewish people dwelling in the Holy Land, and guarantee their ability to prevail over the many threats they are facing.

The founders of the Alliance understand that the future of the Jewish people in Zion is based on two conditions: development of new leadership in Israel, which possesses faith, values and integrity; and intensifying the support of the Judeo-Christian world for the vision of the establishment of a Jewish homeland, with a just and moral society in the Holy Land once again.

The realization of these two conditions is the goal of AFFI's two supported organizations: the Israel Leadership Institute, and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, in cooperation and mutual support of each other. The courses of action of these two organizations are complementary and are designed to create a new future for Israel. The Israeli Leadership Institute (ILI) educates and develops the future generation of leadership in Israel, which will be dedicated to the re-establishment of an Israel devoted to her prophetic role among the nations of the world. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) leads the struggle for the existence of a just, moral and equal society in Israel, which will empower the society and boost support from, and cooperation with, the Christian world which is dedicated to Israel in the spirit of the prophets of the Bible.

The formation of a just society in Israel, led by elected, brave and visionary leaders is not to be taken for granted. In these two areas a grave crisis currently prevails in Israel, one that threatens the actual existence of Israel as a free, independent, safe, and flourishing country.

The leadership crisis and the moral crisis in the Israeli society are directly connected to each other. The leadership in Israel has been characterized in recent years by lack of stability, corruption scandals, failure to stand strong against security threats, and hesitancy in making bold decisions. At the very same time, under this leadership extremist factions demonstrate intolerance and at times even persecution towards minority religious streams.

The Alliance of the Future of Israel will change this reality!

The Alliance is directed at every Jew and Christian of faith, and calls them to take part in the struggle for the future of Israel. The Alliance seeks to enhance the collaboration between all believers in the vision of the return of Israel to Zion, in order to take action against those who wish to annihilate Israel. The support of Israel will be directed by the Alliance for the Future of Israel towards two main causes: education and the development of leadership; and social public activity for the protection of just values. The benefit gained by working in these two areas will be remarkable. A new generation of leaders will rise up in Israel, who draw their inspiration from the magnificent Biblical past of the people of Israel; and who will then lead a righteous society open for all believers, which will allow the fulfillment of the vision of the redemption of Zion.

The Alliance will deepen the existing connections between the communities of believers in the world and between the Israeli society. The Alliance will act in order to establish a direct and positive influence on Judeo-Christian communities, and their members and leaders; as well as on the leadership and society in Israel. This will further the striving for the fulfillment of their shared vision.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Unfortunately, I can't support your group anymore after looking at the differences between Zionism and Judaism. Zionism is something that rejects the Torah and God's revelation apparently and is something that is purely political.It just seems by the description of your group that you are in support of Zionism and I cannot support it. I have attached the link below where I found it. There is a website on the post sited as reference. You will probably be skeptical because it's a catholic blog but to the best of my knowledge this guy always has very informative posts with good sources. Take a look and let me know what you think.


  2. Anthony,

    I have read your article and have come up with several conclusions:

    a) developing an ideology from a blogger can be very dangerous. Like my own blog, his blog is very bias towards his beliefs; in this case, religion. I took some time to glance at some of his other posts and, in my personal opinion, I view him as a radical when it comes to his religious beliefs.

    b) based on what I know about Zionism, his claims are very radical and focus on a very small minority of Zion beliefs.

    I, being a Christian, am very strong in my support for the State of Israel. This is because of two reasons: 1) God's significant role of Israel for the religion of Christianity and, ultimately, the role of Israel in the End of Days 2) I support a political movement, such as Zionism, because the State of Israel (especially with the current affairs in global politics) needs politics to, literally, survive.

    My aunt is a founder of the AFFI organization, and knowing her as I do, she would never join something that supports a "movement" that disrupts the foundation of Judaism.

    Here is my belief, and the overall belief of this organization, in a nutshell. I believe that the political success of Israel is paramount to life as we know it. If Zionism fails, so does the success of Christianity in this region of the world. Zionism is a political movement that soley supports the ideology of Jews returning to the Holy Land. To deny Zionism, based on this author's claims, is very dangerous. In fact, most deniers of Zionism are of the Muslim and Radical Muslim's theology. And I don't know about you, but I would do everything I can to distance myself from that ideology.

    I hope this helps. But, trust me, Zionism is far from a thorn in Judaism's side. It is an aide for the success of the State and the God that we both worship.



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