Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash + Clunker = Government Ownership?

Not the biggest Glenn Beck fan (the 'shock jock' of political commentary), but sometimes he uncovers some great political concerns.

This is no different.

The "Cash for Clunkers" has been a huge hit across the nation. So huge that the government, car dealerships, and related websites have been overwhelmed by the traffic of consumers. Well, in order to take this burden off some of the aforementioned entities, the government has created a website (do not click on the link!) called

Usually, when downloading software or entering a website, most of us just press the 'ACCEPT' button so that we can get on with our mission. Nobody reads those things and, apparently, the government knows that. The following video discusses its purpose and the acceptable use policy associated with the website. Read and listen to the language of this agreement. Unbelievable!

Nationalization starts small, but over time, it devours everything we know as good. Pass this along to anyone who is considering the 'Cash for Clunker' deal.

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