Thursday, September 24, 2009

Epicenter of Truth

Pictured above is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Also known as the only competent leader in the free world.

I simply cannot put into words the admiration I have for this man and his people.

Here are some of his statements from today's U.N. speech:

Speaking to Ahmadinejad's speech:
"To those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people. ... Have you no shame? Have you no decency? What a disgrace, what a mockery of the charter of the United Nations."

He challenged the U.N. for its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel “Goldstone Commission” report. The report charges the Jewish state with war crimes for defending her people from eight years of 10,000-plus rockets and missiles raining down from Gaza. What’s more, he challenged the U.N. to reject the commission’s report and thus side with Israel, or accept the report and side with and reward the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. He asked how Israel could possibly take more “risks for peace” if the world condemned Israel for defending herself from terror attacks launched from the last swath of land offered to the Palestinians in the name of peace. ~Rosenberg

The defining moment, maybe for the world:
"Will you stand with Israel or will you stand with the terrorists?"


  1. Israel or the terrorists?

    As if the world is so black and white.

  2. Maybe that's where you went wrong. I've been seeing black and white for years. And, based on the current state of affairs, I've been pretty spot on.

    Thank you black and white vision!

  3. Actually read the Goldstone report. 100% of Gazans are not terrorists and no human being deserves some of the things that occurred in the Strip or Jewish communities in Southern Israel last Winter. For the same reason that it was morally wrong for Hamas to shell Sderot, it was morally wrong for the IDF to commit the acts that they did.

    Just take the time.

    Highly respected experts contributed to this report, and no one can simply dismiss it as anti-semitic.

    I'm just floored by this tendency to view Palestinians as downright evil and subhuman, as if they deserve what happens to them.

  4. I've never described the Palestinians as evil or subhuman. Ever.

    I stand with the Nation of Israel. I support the State of Israel and her vows to stand as one.

  5. I too support the State of Israel, as do most of the almost 200 sovereign countries of the world. However, I only support the State of Israel to extend her borders out to the 1967 Green Line. The country needs to announce where her sovereign borders lie. If it's the Jordan River (Eretz Israel) she either needs to grant the Arabs within her borders equal rights as citizens of the Democratic State of Israel or expel them to remain the Jewish State of Israel. However, the government of Israel cannot simply keep changing the rules and continuously move her borders to accompany a 100 foot radius around any Israeli Jew that happens to wander anywhere in the Holy Land.

    I met many Israelis in my 7 months in the region and wish they could live in peace in their own country, choosing their own laws and leaders. However, I don't believe Israel can ever truly live in peace with her neighbors while extending a military occupation over the West Bank and Gaza Strip. I think the major disagreement you and I have rests in where we think the borders of the State of Israel end. Also, our views on the geopolitics of the region are shaped by massively different influences.

  6. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a true leader. Its refreshing to see such a great leader.
    There are problems with Israel and the Palestinians.
    But a bigger problem involves Iran, for they are the real troublemakers. Now we find out that Iran has a secret underground facility to enrich nuclear fuel. 2700 centrifuges? They are clearly trying to make weapons. The free world should not be comfortable with this, nor should we stand by and give Iran yet another pass. There is a lot at stake here. They must be stopped.

    Those in power who do it, lets stop the rhetoric, lets have some action. It will be refreshing (the action and the leadership)

  7. In 1947 the UN Partition Plan provided an opportunity for the Arabs to have a two state solution. This was rejected by the Arab League and Arab Higher Committee (whose support for the "Palestinian" people, its own people, has been virtually non-existent for over a century) and eventually led to an onslaught of terror from the surrounding Arab countries.

    "Palestine," for almost two centuries has been nothing more than a revolving door for arab immigrants and refugees that continually push the envelope when it comes to the occupation of land. Israel, from its initial state in 1948, has the right to occupy its own land and has no reason whatsoever to hand over land to appease an Arab population who is virtually unwanted in their own surrounding Arab countries and is dominated by terroist regimes that seek to funnel monies and weapons into the region for terrorist propoganda and political leverage.

  8. I know this is "old" but something "Josh" said struck me.

    Josh, "I think the major disagreement you and I have rests in where we think the borders of the State of Israel end."

    I disagree.
    The land Israel gives to the Palestinians is used by those who hate Israel to terrorize her.
    Like all Arabs are not moslums, neither are all Palestinians terrorists. It's the terrorists within that group which concern Israel and the rest of the free world.
    Israel has every right to defend her peoples, to take measures to protect them.
    She goes out of her way to warn the Palestinians when an attack is pending and she gives them her lands over and over.
    So I don't believe our disagreement is over which border we should respect or how the Palestinians got the shaft from their moslum brothers.
    Our disagreement is more over the defense, the protection, the prevention of terrorists, suicidal moslums who regardless of her borders, want to see Israel wiped off the map and from the history books.


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