Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inside the Revolution

I recently finished Joel Rosenberg's Inside the Revolution. This is a MUST READ for those who question the motives behind Radical Islam and its global threat. Rosenberg does an amazing job of educating the reader on the history and present situation of the Middle East through research, interviews, and evidence. His book begins with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and continues through the present rumblings in the epicenter (Israel). Rosenberg also provides an insight into Biblical Prophecy and how the events in the Middle East are setting the table for Christ's return.

As America, and the world, lethargically act on the threat of Radical Islam's theology/ideology, we conservatives need to awaken the masses for the sake of all people, religions, and cultures before it is too late. It is time to educate the uneducated when it comes to Radical Islam.

Our world depends on it.

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