Monday, September 7, 2009

"You Can't Handle The Truth!"

I have an honest question that deserves an honest answer:

If you voted for Barack Obama, do you regret your vote? On any level?

I remember watching the results coming in on election night. Millions of people around the country were gathering to celebrate the election of our first minority president. People were dressed from head-to-toe in Obama gear. The youth of America was soaking up the latest victory. Women were crying. Men were dancing in the street. Everyone had a twinkle in his/her eyes.

It was "magical."

However, when it comes down to it and you really breakdown the American electorate, how many people actually knew the professional and personal background information of Barack Obama? How many voters were educated on his policies and his support of past legislative issues that were as far left as you could reach? How many voters took the time to dig beyond the media bias to understand Obama's politics?

Obviously, as we have learned now, not many.

Knowing the Statist's mindset, he/she could never admit to failure. He/She could never lose an ounce of pride by admitting the current debacle in Washington. The Statist would find the last, dying glimmer of hope if they had to. He/She would reach down to the "Gates of Hell" in order to cling onto any source of intellectual survival. How else do you think Obama was elected?

I just can't comprehend the madness. I see the events of the world unfolding and wonder how anyone, supporter or not, can see value in the philosophy of the Obama Administration. Obama has turned the Iran, North Korea, and Israel/Palestine issues (something he thought could be fixed with touchy feely they laugh at us on the world stage) into lethal molotov cocktails. As our economy has tried to recover, his spending has been a constant billy club to knees of our nation. He has corroded our society by pushing the rights of abortion and gay marriage. Obama's advisers (never czars) are filling the Obama White House with corrosive language and helping to push an agenda that will eventually lead to the nationalization of the United States. His political ties are radical and communist in nature. Socializing health care will destroy the system that we currently have and will lead to less choice, poorer quality, and higher taxes. The spending is out-of-control and the deficit isn't even a forethought in any process. The Afghan War is underfunded, undermanned, and led by a Commander-in-Chief that couldn't lead an army across the street...let alone out of a war.

So, as America spirals down the international and national you regret your vote? Do you wish you would have listened to conservative voices that predicted all of this mess? Do you wish you could have it back?

Well, you can.

Real change begins in 2010 as we put Republicans into the House and Senate on local, state, and national levels. This is the only way to help begin the healing process and stop the liberal bloodletting.

Then, of course, Obama will be out by 2012. Honestly, in regards to putting up a fight, I believe we won't have to do much to help this cause. Obama has already done enough damage in eight...yes, only eight OMG what is he thinking...months.

Imagine what 3+ years will bring.

I cringe.

P.S. I recently scheduled a surgery for late next year. I'm not sure if I'll need it or what it will be for, but I didn't want to take any chances. I suggest you do the same. Especially if these imbeciles pass a public option. Best wishes!

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