Friday, October 16, 2009

New Gig

As you can tell by the posts on this blog, I am a big supporter of the Nation of Israel. Therefore, I have taken on a new challenge.

On Wednesday night, I became the AFFI Social Networking Director for an organization called the Alliance for the Future of Israel. Basically, I am in charge of maintaining the organization's communication goals through several social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace). Our goal is to "spread the word" through as many avenues as possible. The endeavor will hopefully launch the AFFI organization to new heights.

Here is an overview of AFFI:

The Alliance for the Future of Israel is a joint venture of Jews and Christians who are striving to advance the fulfillment of God’s prophetic Word regarding the return of His nation, Israel, to Zion; and the rebirth of the modern Nation of Israel.
The Alliance was founded out of the need to:

* Ensure the existence of Israel
* Promise the security of the Jewish people dwelling in the Holy Land
* Guarantee their ability to prevail over the many threats they face.

The founders of the Alliance understand that the future of the Jewish people in Zion is based on two pillars:

* Developing new leadership in Israel, which possesses faith, values and integrity.
* Intensifying Jewish immigration to Israel (opening Israel’s Gates to ALL JEWS, regardless of their religious affiliation.)

The Alliance calls for the involvement and support of the Judeo-Christian world for this vision.
AFFI’s support of Israel will be focused on two main areas:

* Development of future leadership
* An Educational Campaign that will deepen the recognition, understanding and cooperation between all Jewish Streams

AFFI is a non-profit 501 © (3) registered in the USA. All contributions are tax-exempt. All monies raised are channeled to support the annual budget which supports:

* Training and developing leadership
* Supporting Freedom of Religious Choice and Equality for all Jewish streams

Along with AFFI, our organization is a strong supporter of the Israel Leadership Institute.

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