Sunday, October 4, 2009

Palestinian Fascism: Islamofascism

After the Soviet's defeat in Afghanistan, Yassir Arafat decided to go rogue. Looking for a new "power" to help his anti-Zionist cause, Yassir turned to Hamas. Even though the ideologies slightly differed, at the time, Arafat new that Hamas could help spread the idea of jihad within the state of Israel. During the Olso War, Arafat and Yassin (head of Hamas) made a deal: Hamas could continue terror attacks as long as it didn't interfere with Arafat's political posturing. Technically, what Hamas eventually did, was bring back the ideology through the evolution of the Muslim faith, with the Palestinians, that the state of Israel needed to be destructed through terrorist acts. It brought back the belief that unbelievers needed to be wiped out; starting with Israel.

Let's take a closer look at Hamas. In the Middle East, not yet in the West, Hamas is known as apocalyptic terror group that has written into its Charter the idea of genocide and destruction against the Jewish people and world domination through Islam. Founded in 1987, Hamas became the first democratically elected group in Palestine, in 2006, with an agenda that incorporates genocide and terrorism. Talk about an unstable region.

Upon its founding, Hamas was used against Palestinians that would not conform to strict Islamic rules, execute those who cooperated with Israel, and to prepare the Gazans for jihad against Israel. It even partnered with the PLO to carry out terrorist attacks, which Arafat used (once again) for his political posturing. When it comes to support, Hamas has plenty. Much of the Arab region has put its weight behind Hamas. Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia has been funding and training Hamas since the 1990's. Although it operated mostly under Syrian support, Hamas now operates independently with funding from Iran. Iran and Hamas share the same vision; the destruction of Israel. Hamas has a branch office in Tehran, it was invited to an international conference in Iran about the "blessed Intifada," and has been training and equipping Hamas and Hezbollah for several decades. Unfortunately, the biggest asset of Hamas has been the UN, another reason that it is a pointless collaboration of countries.

After Israel re-entered the West Bank in April of 2002, it uncovered thousands of documents and computer hard drives showing the connection between the PLO and Hamas. After decades of creating a political illusion, the United States finally saw Arafat for what he was; a terrorist aide and a leader unable and unwilling to achieve peace. There have also been documented cases in which Hamas has helped al-Qaeda and a growing number of al-Qaeda cells have been uncovered in Gaza. Hamas also gave Arafat something he never successfully could develop: suicide bombers. It founded a suicide bomber academy in Gaza City. From 2000 to 2004, Hamas carried out 425 attacks against Israel with 52 of those attacks being suicide bombings.

The 2006 election was a bigger victory than expected for Hamas; which claimed more than half of the seats within the government. Although the Palestinian people have claimed they voted for Hamas to "clean up" Fatah's governmental mess, even Hamas' leaders recognized the fact that the people understand what the group stands for and used this to show the sway in public opinion. During the transition of power, Fatah and Hamas fought a civil war in which more Palestinians were killed in less than one year than by Israel in the previous six years. Mahmoud Zahar put it best when asked what the purpose of Hamas will be when it comes to running a government entity, "It is in our national interest to stop cooperation with Israel in any field. It should be Hamastan."

The next installment will discuss Palestine's myth about how Zionists stole its land.

~reference History Upside Down by David Meir-Levi (pgs. 36-50)

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