Saturday, August 28, 2010

Al Sharpton: "The Dream Has Not Been Achieved."

Today, on the National Mall, thousands of patriotic, Americans (who are sick and tired of a careless and humiliating Administration) lined the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial and stretched all the way to the Washington Monument. Estimates have been refuted (by the media...who would have guessed?), but the pictures and videos don't lie.

The crowd was enormous.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton managed to get around 3,000 people to protest the Restoring America rally. He says the rally is anti-government, a disgrace to Martin Luther King (since his "I have a Dream Speech" was on this day 47 years ago...too soon?), and anti-American.

That was my first thought when I saw the lineup of events. Standing up to a radical government who is spending my children's futures away, honoring soldiers and other everyday American heroes who make their communities and country a better place, and guest speakers who want to see our liberties restored to their rightful owners...US!

How awful and outrageous! Those racist Tea-Baggers...

On Al Sharpton's other hand, he has the first black-white-Christian-Muslim-socialist-community organizer of a President who just might be the most racially and ethnically polarizing imbecile to ever sit in the Oval Office; yet we have to hear Al "I got my Reverend degree online" Sharpton whine about everyday Americans?

Go figure...


  1. we ain't going back to your ways, whitey.

  2. Beck's ALL WHITE rally was disgraceful! I saw the t-shirts saying "America, love it or go back to Kenya." or "Protect white cracker babies." Or "The bold truth. MOK was pro communist." These racists were blatant and wrong.

    Beck CANNOT and WILL NOT take back the Civil Rights Movement. We are NOT going to put in place the old Jim Crowe Laws.

    We all know that Beck is actually trying to start a race war and his KKK Sheep are merely following him.

  3. Sharpton's rally wasn't a counter protest to Beck's. It was to commemorate King's speech. It was a 5 mile march that started about a block from my apartment and ended at the new King memorial. My neighborhood was pretty big on helping organize and I never heard anyone talk about Beck's rally except for how it would affect travel. As Beck's rally wasn't even planned to commemorate MLK's speech (he admitted he didn't realize it coincided with the speech when he planned it) I don't think they were related. Sharpton's words, "the dream has not yet been realized" mainly spoke to the fact that he thinks there is still a racial opportunity gap, especially in education. I'm not a big fan of Al Sharpton, but both he and Beck certainly have a right to do whatever they want on the Mall. I'm sure there were crazy things said at both rallies, but at the end of the day cooler heads will prevail and those on the fringe will be out in the cold...

  4. This isn't an argument of race. It's an issue of "civil rights" vs. "civilian rights" made courtesy of Mr. Sharpton. Without Sharpton's criticisms and "saber rattling" comments...this is a non-issue on August 28, 2010.

    Beck's message was one of restoring character and values. It was about giving the power of government BACK to the people. At no time, did Beck make this a racial issue/controversy. The message was timely and appropriate. The content was appropriate and appreciated. The individual loons that may have had shirts/signs do not appeal to me or the majority.

    Al Sharpton, who has every right to form a march/rally FOR MLK, decided to focus on making a statement about politics and race relations. He plays to the cameras and the microphone better than any politician of our day for a reaction and a headline on the nightly news. Sharpton claimed to be "tackling the Beck issue" because it went against MLK's message of appealing to the government (hence the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s) whereas Beck was appealing to the people "against" an iron-fisted government that could care less about the people it is sworn to protect.

    The era is different. The message is different. The issues are different.

    Now for me, being a "whitey" and all, I could care less if the president was white, black, purple, or green. My issue is his politics and how he goes about his business. Although I generally try to stay away from Beck's "shock and awe" reporting, I commend him for organizing a conservative movement (by the way, the conservative black caucus was present and numerous other black organizations/individuals) that shows a growing distaste for an out-of-control Narcissist in Chief.

  5. Also...

    Alveda King, MLK's niece, was a keynote speaker at the Restoring Honor event.

  6. Just out of curiosity - as I recently spent a night with friends lambasting the Obama administration - what do you find so particularly narcissistic about Obama?

    I generally think it's used as an ad hominem attack because I've never heard anyone explain why Obama is so narcissistic (at least moreso than many politicians).

    I understand the complaints about government debt, but my main concern is not that the "iron-fisted" (really?) government has refused to listen to the populace and is hoarding power, but rather it's basically allowing those with the most money (large business interests and lobbying organizations) to wield a disproportionate amount of influence over our political system.

    I still think our political system does indeed reflect the will of the people. We have elections often and candidates pay for going against what their constituents want. We don't live in a direct democracy so laws do get passed that polls (which I don't even believe to be hugely reliable) show the majority don't like. There's drawbacks to living in a republic, but the Founders and I generally think the benefits those of direct democracy. As that's the case Barack Obama is not Constitutionally mandated to only sign bills into law that the majority wants.

    I disagree with some statements that were made at Sharpton's rally. He should have kept it about honoring King and ignored Beck - as would be fitting for the kind of men both were. He didn't and I think it was a bad move.

    I'm interested in hearing why Obama is such a narcissist. Also, as far as I know neither Al Sharpton nor Barack Obama are Muslims. Why is that even a part of this post? There's enough to criticize both of them without attempting to insinuate they are Muslims (and why should that even matter?)

  7. Sure, I can definitely explain.

    Barack Obama is a classic case of Narcissism.

    From community organizer to president, Obama has always been a lake acting like an ocean.

    His shallowness explodes from his empty words that are so intricately woven together and used as a smokescreen to cover his sheer ignorance on an assortment of "presidential" subjects (which has been more than evident in less than two years on the job...his "grasp" on politics is elementary and his actions...or lack of...have proven catastrophic on so many fronts). He has and continues to project a "larger than life" image of himself to elevate his admirers and he "molds" the world around him to fit a perverted image that he alone envisions. In essence, he doesn't win supporters...he gains victims/codependents.

    He wrote an autobiography, which was supposed to be on race relations, when he was a nobody. His intentions are callous and his posture and speeches can often be demeaning and condescending to those who criticize him. He lacks any sense of a conscience (his lavish vacations during the most inopportune times) and lies through his teeth.

    His "dreams" interfere with our realities. Now, many politicians can fall into this category, but Obama takes narcissism to new heights. He apologizes for other people's (supposed) faults which often deflects any negativity from himself.

    His downfalls will be ours.

    My complaints are not with government debt. Far from it. It's the entitlement programs and the undying support (and promotion) of victimhood that lead to a culture of "Me" instead of a culture of "We."

    Our political system does reflect the will of the people (unfortunately). In a nation that, recently, has shown a lack in elected the most inexperienced and politically ignorant candidate in the history of U.S. politics. We live in a culture that is moved by "pomp and circumstance" rather than substance and values. We indeed reflected our deficits in 2008. Luckily, we are starting to sort through the mess and wipe away the fog from our mirrors.

    As far as the Muslim undertones, Barack Obama was a practicing Muslim for most of his youth. For most of his adult life he followed a "reverend" and a "church" that is based on Black Liberation Theology. Barack Obama doesn't know what he is. Why should we?

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"If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work, instead of sitting idle to envy the luck of others. He must face life with resolute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeking to place on his fellow man a responsibility which is not theirs." - Theodore Roosevelt