Friday, August 13, 2010

President Obama to the World: "I have no spine."

Awwww, look at how smug these two despots are. Oh, what am I talking about? Get a room (or move to California).

I think we can officially say that President Obama is one of, if not the worst (he's battling Jimmy Carter and it's a close race...already), presidents when it comes to foreign policy. As most of the world has already recognized (and this could be the reason why socialists and terrorists endorsed him during his presidential run), Obama is making a mockery out of the United States foreign policy (and we'll throw in the Constitution as well...thanks immigration!).

Defying Obama's "tough" (cough, cough, choking, choking...ok...I'm good) stance on Iran, Russia has decided that it's time to help Iran at it's Bushehr Plant by providing it with nuclear fuel next weekend. This comes despite the United States' "demands" to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear fuel. It's almost like a teacher threatening a student with a behavior disorder with a detention. Do you think that kid cares? Iran sure as "H-E-double hockey sticks" (Oh, Hell I can say it...Ben Quayle does) doesn't care; nor any other political entity for that matter.

However, here's the kicker. In a bold move of heroic defiance and sheer political toughness, the Obama Administration has made plans to purchase 21 Russian-made choppers. Take that Russia! I missing something? So Russia doesn't agree with our "proposed" sanctions, provides an apocalyptic regime nuclear fuel, and continues to fund a one billion dollar nuclear plant in Iran and we buy 21 helicopters from them? Did we run out of material to build those or something?

I think Barry Obama is getting his foreign policy advice from inside a Cracker Jacks box. Either that...or Joe Biden.

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