Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everything Obama endorses turns to...

...well, use your imagination. Not even two years into his presidency, Barack Obama is failing. Miserably. With midterm elections approaching in November, Democratic candidates across the country are doing anything they can to hide from Obama's endorsement.

Here's a running list of things that Obama has ruined or further ruined:

1. All foreign policy (maybe Comedy Central is news after all)
2. Iranian nuclear situation (BOOM!)
3. Relationship with Israel (Those silly Jews and their needless democracy)
4. The credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize (I'm winning next year)
5. The economy (flush)
6. The national debt (up, up, and away!)
7. Healthcare ($$$)
8. Race and ethnicity relations (Hug a Muslim today)
9. Immigration/Border control (Hide and Se...OK, maybe just Hide)
10. Democratic candidates seeking political office (run, Run, RUN!)
11. The word "change" (Just typing the word gives me chills...BOO!)
12. The Constitution (minor detail)
13. The Supreme Court (Interview Question: Can you help destroy the Constitution?)
14. Taxes (he's just a fibber)
15. The Middle Class (who needs us anyway?)
16. Job creation (smooth move)
17. The stimulus and bailouts (even the ones we didn't know about)
18. Pro-Life (you can devalue anything now a days)
19. Charitable giving (screw charity...where's mine?)

Anything to add?

Maybe he should endorse AIDS? It might ruin that, too...

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  1. Great post. I could add something, Obama does nothing unless its in his interest, gets him votes or money. He is such a great guy, too bad he is such a weak and lousy president.


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